About Dip Publishing

DIPP is a publishing initiative specialised in Electronic Music, which seeks to provide its select family of artists with the capacity to maximise the financial return from their art. It offers musicians the comprehensive collection of mechanical and performance royalties, whilst also proactively engaging synchronisation opportunities (pairing music with visual content in film/TV, online and beyond).

DIPP currently represents a number of standout Canadian and International artists, with a catalog ranging from ambient and electronica to breakbeat, house, techno, vocal-driven indie electronic and much more. The catalog is predominantly one-stop, operating in conjunction with the Dip Label Music Group (XYZ, TOR, SOL, DIALNINE, PENANCE, The Young Proprietor).

The DIPP team places trust, transparency and communication at its core, having emerged as a response to decades of uncertainty, confusion and mismanagement of composition rights in the electronic music space. The collaborative approach is focused on delivering a personalised service that illuminates artists on the inner workings of music publishing in addition to facilitating growth and development for the artist and their project over the long term.

Artists joining the DIPP family avail of continued promotional support and career guidance from the Dip Network and team, in a manner that enhances trajectory and overall profile in tandem with optimising the value and return from their publishing catalog.

The Dip Network currently numbers 350,000+ followers across online social platforms and generates over 20,000,000+ streams per year through its media and label activities.

For more info on Dip Publishing contact: [email protected]

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