XYZ Records

XYZ is a collaborative label project curated by the team behind When We Dip. Operating with a shared vision, the imprint strives to shine a spotlight on both established and emerging talents in the electronic music space. It seeks to connect a select community of exceptional artists, brought together by their art, values and intention. The label offers artists an opportunity to create something without boundaries – something new, vital and complex. XYZ operates three sub-labels TOR, SOL and PENANCE as platforms for new initiatives.

The Young Proprietor

The Young Proprietor is a label project launched in June 2019 with the intention of developing Canadian live acts that sit in a space where electronic music, pop and indie styles collide. The imprint began its story with the release of the captivating ‘Strangest Of Us All’ LP from Montreal pair HOKI, while featuring remix editions by artists such as Matthias Meyer, Clarian and The Drifter.

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