Kora presents ‘Nord’, the first chapter of the ‘Azimuth’ album

Montreal-based artist Kora has shared an exhilarating first instalment from his debut album ‘Azimuth’, which will drop in four chapters across 2022 on his label Saisons. The first chapter ‘Nord’ is inspired by many childhood days spent deep in the Boreal woodlands of Quebec, and it brings together a beautiful collection of lush ambient pieces and atmospheric, winter-inspired songs.  It is a five track ensemble that encourages deep reflection and thought. Opening the first instalment is the delicate ‘Bgera’, which contrasts warm, mesmerising synth-lines with pensive, sorrowful keys. It features the soothing, graceful vocals of ameyalli.

‘Molécules’ takes the listener deeper within. The track blends nostalgic field recordings, wavering pads and soft atmospheric touches in what is a truly meditative experience. 

The journey continues with ‘Tamanaku’ as the dial turns ever so slightly. An organic kick drum is brought to the fore, accompanied by textured, rhythmic percussions and captivating melodies. 

Worlds collide as ‘Sioumi’ welcomes the crescendo in Chapter 1, offering up an emotive experience with mixed sentiments. Elegant piano chords are met by the wonder of the native cedar flute in what is a complex and winding story. ‘Je te vois’ closes out the first interaction with Azimuth with a return of ambient soundscapes. The hypnotic ten minute piece tells its own tale in between the lines as soft keys and trembling pads dance through time and space.