Atish combines with Satya founder YokoO on new EP ‘Atman’

Still in its infancy as a label, YokoO’s Satya continues to impress. This week, the ‘Atman’ EP see a maiden collaboration between label founder YokoO and US talent Atish. The vibrant four-tracker continues a standout 2021 for the imprint, which saw its first release land in April of this year.    “Despite having followed seemingly different musical paths over the last couple of years, our passion for ‘moving’ heartfelt music stands at the core and remains aligned. Atish’s initial musical ideas, no matter how much they were transformed, sit at the heart of the EP. They initiated the creative process.” – YokoO.

Proceedings begin with Inner Labyrinth, a gently-building dance cut packed full of ethereal synths and dream-like pads. The title track comes next, manifesting as a similarly celestial number that’s ripe for the early hours, before Words To Say ups the tempo with driving kick-hat combos. Sunrise maestro Sepp rounds off the EP, serving up a stunning remix of the final track that marks itself as a masterclass in stripped-back, minimal house.