Hosini curates ‘Oppo’ mini-album with music from Powel, Jones Meadow and more

Producers are the backbone of a label; developing supportive and genuine relationships with our artists is the core principle of XYZ’s development. Our recently launched Oppo series is an ode to the figures that we feel are at the foundation of the label’s journey thus far.

Nobody fits this bill better than Hosini – the Swedish starlet has been with us since day one, presenting Flyga and the enigmatic Soul Search EP. His stunning sound has been the basis of our exploration into deep and melodic forms, setting the standard for XYZ from the get-go.

Oppo gives full creative control to the producer, who essentially functions as the label head for this premiere release. Curating sounds from artists around the world who’ve influenced his career thus far, as well as a production of his own, Hosini presents a project that fully represents his tastes as an artist.