HOKI deliver thrilling sophmore album ‘Today’

‘Today’ is the second full length album from rising duo HOKI. The collaboration, which brings together the talents of Canadian-Armenian producer Varti Deuchoghlian and Australian vocalist Brent McCormick, has fast garnered an international reputation for exhilarating indie electronic ballads.

‘Today’ provides the latest chapter in the story and follows the release of lead singles ‘Water’, ‘Crash’ and ‘The Walls Can Talk’. The record spans the indie electronic landscape, bringing to the table an array of emotive, cinematic cuts, including the harrowing ’Mid Air’ and vibrant body-mover ‘Room With A View’.

“The album was conceived in a secluded chalet by a river in the countryside of Quebec. It was where we found home, no reception no wifi, complete isolation from the outside world…the freedom to create. Looking back for me it was a journey of self reflection and how much I feel I have grown. As in life and also in the creative work of ‘Today’, we get lost in the process and it’s only looking back you see how far we’ve come. It is one of the highlights of my musical career not only in music but in personal headspace and freedom. It’s such an emotional and at times dark but hopeful journey. ” – Brent McCormick

“This album at its core represents a unique moment in time for Brent and I. Isolated from society, away in the mountains, we were disconnected from what we know. We connected to a deeper level of focus to write for this album. This brought forth our true selves. Lucid at all times, but, I still don’t recall every detail of those moments. It felt somewhat like a period of trance, there and aware but disconnected from the basic thoughts and worries of life. We were present in a unique way. We called the album ‘Today’. The world is broken yet beautiful, there are amazing moments to experience in the range of emotion in modern life. Being present is essential in that process.” – Varti Deuchoghlian